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Instructions and Help

Description and Features

  1. Save - Click to save any changes made on each tab.
  2. Cancel - Click to cancel any changes made on each tab.
  3. Description - Allows entry of a customized, brief description of Rental Units.
  4. Unit Features - Click the checkbox for each of unit features that apply to the rental unit listing.
  5. Smoking Restrictions - Click either Non-Smoking or Smoking for each rental unit listing.
  6. Pet Restrictions - Click either No Pets or Pets Allowed for each unit type.
  7. Location - Click the radio button showing the location of each rental unit.
  8. Sleeping Accommodations - Select all of the sleeping accommodations that are available in each of the unit types.
  9. Quality of Unit - Select the "quality" that best describes the rental unit when compared to other units at the resort.