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Resort Information

The resort's information that is visible to Coast Members from the member website as well as information that is used to publish the annual Coast to Coast Directory is available for the resort to maintain and update as needed. When changes are made to the Resort Information, Coast is electronically notified; and after review of the information, it is accepted and made available for viewing from the member website.

  1. Elevation - This number, entered in feet, is often significant to members for health reasons.
  2. Longitude and Latitude - These numbers are used to calculate the 125-mile radius and for member GPS use.
  3. Phone & Web - Phone, "Other" Phone (such as a reservation phone or toll-free number), Fax, E-mail, and URL (website address).
    • E-Mail addresses are used by Coast to notify resorts of updates or new information.
  4. Mailing Address - The address to which the United States Post Office delivers is used when sending out information from Coast, including you new edition of the Coast to Coast Directory.
  5. Shipping Address - This address may or may not be different from the Physical Address, but it needs to be completed in order for Coast to send any materials to the resort via UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.
  6. Physical Address - This is the address that is printed in the Coast to Coast Directory and on the website as well as the one Coast members will select when using such online search sites as
  7. Manager First and Last Name - This is the name of the resort manager and is the primary contact for Coast.
  8. Sales Manager - This is the name of the sales manager and is the person to whom sales updates are sent.
  9. Member Contact - This is the name of the person who is mainly responsible for contact with Coast members.
  10. Property Description - This should be a brief (300 character maximum) description of the resort that will make Coast members want to visit the resort.
  11. Directions - This field (300 character maximum) should provide directions to the resort, which utilizes abbreviations as needed (EX: S, N, E, Rd, etc.) to give easy-to-follow directions to the resort.
  12. Amenities - List all amenities that are available at the resort as well as "Nearby" attractions.
  13. Pets Accepted and Pet Restrictions - Click the radio button to indicate if pets are welcome or not welcome at the resort.
    • Pet Restrictions should include breed restrictions, number, and weight.

If there is resort information that needs to be changed that cannot be found on this form, please contact Coast to Coast.

  • E-Mail:
  • Fax: 303-728-7312
  • Phone: 800-833-9183