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Instructions and Help

Drive-Up Reservations

  1. 72-Hour Rule - Reservations made within 72-hours or 3 days of the scheduled arrival date, cannot be made through Coast to Coast or from the member website.
    • Members will call the resort directly for reservations within 72-hours of the scheduled arrival date.
    • Drive-Up reservations can be entered when a member calls the resort in advance of the arrival.
    • Drive-Up reservations can be entered when the member arrives to check in at the resort.
    • Drive-Up reservations can be entered up to five (5) days after the arrival date, but this may result in a member having used Trip Points that were available while the member was at the resort.
  2. Member # - Enter the Coast to Coast Member number.
  3. Last Name - Enter the first 4 letters of the member's last name.
  4. Search - Click the Search button in order to validate the Coast membership for the person.
  5. Select Dates and Unit Type
    • Member Information - The member's name, city and state will automatically populate.
    • Unit Type - Select RV Site or an appropriate rental unit if applicable.
    • Unit Type for Rentals - Those resorts accepting Trip Points for reservations will select the specific Unit Type and enter the Rental Reservation as a Drive-Up.
    • Arrival and Departure dates will default to the 72-hour timeframe when Coast cannot make reservations, but they can be changed to any desired dates using the dropdown calendar.
    • Check Availability - Click to continue the Drive-Up reservation.
  6. Override Rules and Confirm Reservation
    • Rules Failed, But They Can Be Overridden will appear if a Coast rule for making reservations has "failed."
    • The resort has the ability to override any of the rules that appear in this box as long as the Override Rules and Confirm Reservation button is available.
    • If the Override Rules and Confirm Reservation button is not available, one of the four rules that cannot be overridden has "failed".


  1. Reservations made within 72 hours of the current date (today and the next two days make up the 72 hours) must be entered by the Resort as Drive-Up reservations.
  2. Drive-Up reservations and all extensions of existing reservations come out of the resort's local inventory.
  3. Do not count these Drive-Ups or extension of an existing reservation against the allocated inventory you have given to Coast for Tripsetter or you will be overbooking yourself.

Coast does not "cover" Trip Points for reservations entered as a Drive-Up reservation made after the member leaves the resort if there are not enough Trip Points to cover the Drive-Up reservation.