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Corporate Reservation Maintenance Detail Report

  1. Resorts will be listed numerically by their Coast to Coast resort numbers.
  2. A listing for each individual resort within the multi-resor corporations shows reservations that have not been Checked-In, Checked-Out, Cancelled or marked as No-Show are listed on this report under Check Ins Not Responded To or Check Outs Not Responded To.
  3. Reservations not Checked-In and Checked-Out or marked as No-Show prior to the close of the remuneration period, will be submitted for remuneration in the next remuneration cycle after the reservation process is completed.
  4. This report is an excellent weekly "audit" tool for the corporation to use to make certain the reservation process is complete in order to receive timely remuneration for reservations.
  5. The last page of the report will provide a corporate total of all reservations that have not been Checked In and Checked Out resulting in remuneration having not been paid for those reservations.