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Instructions and Help

Update To Reservation Activity Report

  1. By entering a time and date, the resort can run this report to show any changes that have occurred to existing reservations and any new or cancelled reservation since the last time the report was run.
  2. The heading of the report indicates the time and date it was generated.
  3. There are sections for Arrivals, Departures, Cancellations and No-Shows.
    • If a Member's reservation appears in the Arrival section on different days, verify the reservation number and note a potential change to an Arrival or Departure date.
    • Running this report on a daily basis will assist the resort in being aware of any reservation changes.

Coordinating Report Information from the Arrival, Departure, Who's Here, Cancellation Report and the Update to Reservation Activity Report

  1. Arrival, Departure, Who's Here, Cancellation Report
    • No guessing what has changed since you last ran this report.
    • Run the report as a benchmark for upcoming reservations.
  2. Update to Reservation Activity Report
    • After you have the Arrival Report, run the "Activity Report" on a daily basis to view the most recent changes to resort reservations.
    • Enter the last date and time this report was run as well as enter a timeframe (EX: 30, 60 or 90 days in the future) to see upcoming reservations.
    • Reservations shown on this report are new reservations or changes to existing reservations from the last time the report was run.
      • New reservations that did not appear on the Arrival, Departure, Who's Here and Cancellation Report or on previous generations of this report.
      • Reservations containing changes made to the original reservation.
      • Cancellations made through the Member Website, Member Services, or the Resort Website.
      • No-show reservations marked by the resort.