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Instructions and Help

Reservation Functions

  1. All Reservations - A list of all of the reservations in Tripsetter for the dates selected or the default dates "today's" date and one month prior to @quot;today."
  2. Arrivals - A list of all of the scheduled arrivals for the date range where the reservation arrival and departure dates can be edited and the reservation checked in.
  3. Departures - A list of all of the scheduled departures for the date range where the reservation departure date can be shortened or extended and the reservation checked out.
  4. Who's Here - A list of all of the Coast Members currently checked in at the resort.
  5. No Shows - A List of all reservations for the date range that have been marked as a No-Show.
  6. Action Drop Down Menu - Select Cancel, Check In, Check Out or No-Show for each reservation.
    • The Action dropdown menu provides the "action" to be taken for each individual reservation.
    • All reservations can be Cancelled, Checked In, Checked-Out and No-Showed from the All Reservations screen.
    • If a reservation has been marked as a No-Show and the resort staff wishes to "undo" the No-Show, the Action dropdown menu provides that option.
  7. Save - Once the Action has been selected for all appropriate reservations, click Save to complete the processing all of the reservations.


  1. Editing / Changing the Check-Out date for members leaving early is essential in order to permit members to make reservations at other resorts.
  2. In order to receive remuneration on any member stay, that stay must be Checked-In and Checked-Out of Tripsetter or marked as a No-Show.
  3. Checked-In and Checked-Out reservations cannot be un-checked by the resort.
  4. When changing an Arrival or Departure date, the Save button does not affect the Check-In or Check-Out status, only the Arrival and Departure dates.