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Instructions and Help


  1. Add - Click to enter a new season (such as an emergency closure).
  2. Open Season - Enter the From and To date.
  3. Peak Season - Deluxe resorts may list either two (2) two-month or one (1) four-month peak season, which will restrict the number of visits a Deluxe member may have during that timeframe.
  4. Emergency Closure - Enter the dates for an emergency closure due to "acts of God," local emergencies such as lack of electricity or sewer, which will prevent reservations from being made during that timeframe.
  5. Save - Click to save all changes to the season.
  6. Cancel - Click to cancel all changes.

Season Resort Open and Close Dates

  1. Do not change the current year's dates - add dates for next year - prior to closing for the Season because the resort will display as closed early for the current year.
  2. If new dates are not entered for the upcoming season before a seasonal resort closes or at least 90 days prior to opening day for the following season, members will not be able to make advanced reservations for the upcoming Season.

Emergency Closures

  1. Please notify Coast to Coast Operations of any Emergency Closures via phone, fax or e-mail as well as entering the dates in the Season screen.
    • Phone: 800-833-9183
    • Fax: 303-728-7312
    • Email Address:
  2. If members with upcoming reservations need to be notified, please contact Coast at 800-719-6841.