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Instructions and Help

Inventory Allocation

List the number of sites the resort wants to make available to Coast members for reservations.

  1. Unit Type - RV Sites is the default if the resort offers no rental units to Coast Members.
  2. Unit Type - Rental units must be set up individually for each type in order to manage the inventory by unit type.
  3. Inventory Segment - The default is Member, but Deluxe resorts can select Family Benefit to allocate sites for Family Benefit guest reservations.
  4. Add - Click to add a new date range to change the number of sites for a specific timeframe.
  5. Save - Click to save changes.
  6. Cancel - Click if you do not wish to save changes made to the inventory allocation.


  1. RV sites may be managed by the week, month, or season based upon the pre-determined minimum number of sites set by Coast.
  2. If you want to discuss this number, contact your Regional Director.
  3. At any time you may increase the resort's allocated inventory for a specific timeframe, but you may not go below the agreed to number of allocated inventory sites.


  1. Resorts have control over the resort's inventory for Rental Units both with allocated inventory and on a direct reservation basis when the member calls the resort to make a rental reservation.
  2. Units listed under Web Inventory will be made available for Coast Members to reserve 24 x 7 from the Member Website and through Member Services.
  3. Rental Units reserved directly through the resort on a per-reservation basis are entered into Check-In Drive-Ups up to 60 days in advance in Classic resorts and 90 days in advance for Deluxe members in Deluxe resorts without the need to enter Web Inventory.