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Instructions and Help


Provide incentives to your guests with a list of fun events in your area.

  1. Click Add to enter a New Event.
  2. Past Event Updates - Resorts may edit and update an existing Event once the current date has passed without having to re-enter information for the Event.
  3. Blocked Event Days
    • Events can be blocked up to two years in advance as displayed in the Blocked Event Days grid.
    • Existing Days shows the number of days the resort has blocked in a particular month.
    • Max Days shows the default of 7 days per month that a resort can block (black-out).
    • If the resort needs additional days in a particular month for a special event, contact Coast (800-719-6841) and request the additional days before adding a new Event.
  4. From - Enter the first / opening date for the event.
  5. To - Enter the last / closing date for the event.
  6. Recurrence - Accept the default Once.
  7. Types - Accept the All Types default in order to block all reservations.
  8. Restrict reservations for this event.
    • The checkbox next to Yes defaults as checked, which restricts reservations for the event.
    • If the resort wants to encourage reservations for this event, uncheck the box next to Yes to permit reservations during this timeframe.
  9. Name - Type in a brief descriptive name of the event.
  10. Description - Type or copy the name of the event into this field.
    • If Coast reservations are restricted during this event, type in Coast Reservations Not Accepted.
    • If the resort wants to encourage reservations during this event, type in a welcoming message such as Coast Reservations Welcome.


  2. The resort must enter ALL Holidays and Holiday blocks.
  3. Coast recommends that blackout dates / Holiday blocks / Events be entered more than 90 days in advance by resorts in order to restrict reservations.
  4. Events can be entered up to two years in advance
  5. Coast expects all reservations made during an Event that are made prior to entry of that Event into Tripsetter will be honored by the resort.